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June 2011 : Beyond Hope [visit]

Beyond HopeReason: For June, I have decided to make Beyond Hope my site of the month. Beyond Hope is a beautiful site with lot of detail and care taken with it. I love the layout that is currently up on the site, some of my favourite actresses feature in this layout but I think best of all this layout draws in so much detail, with the textures and the written words over the design its gives it a lovely effect. Outside of the design the webmistress Aruna7 has put a lot of work into making the site work really well, I love how she has taken a new approach to the gallery I’ve not seen anyone within the fanart community use a flash gallery and I think it really showcases her beautiful artwork well, it makes the site look more like a portfolio than a collection of artwork Aruna7 also has some fantastic videos as well as the art work and fan fiction links on her site that are well worth reading. So please take a look at Beyond Hope and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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